Hello again good folks,

Just came of a great recording session with my good friend Michael Varekamp. It was a total blast. We recorded over 3 hours of completely improvised music. What a ride it was. The great Jerome Hol, Harry Emmery and Wiboud Burkens completed the lineup. Look for the release this fall.

Check out two other new records I’m on:

Bas van Lier Trio _”Groove or Dare” @
And Jerome Hol – “Sneak Peek” @

A lot of fun projects are on the way for this and next year.
To give you a small peek, I will be recording and touring a project called “MilesRocks!”. This will be a killer band that will rock your socks off. Check for updates at milesrocks

In september I’ll be touring with the great Brandon Allen Quartet from London. My good friend Bas van Lier will handle the keys. See for updates brandon-allen We’ll be in England, Belgium and the Netherlands so come see us.

I recently joined the Dutch hip/hop band “Bl3nder” we are currently workin’ on tunes for a new album (probably early 2018).

Last but not least the “Louis” crew asked me for their new theatre tour early 2018. It’s called “Lady Sing The Blues” The beautiful and talented Joy Wielkens will join us again. More on this soon, check out for more news.

That's about it for now, thanx for checkin' in and supporting our music. Bye!